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About 1Mother1Child

Why We Care
It is estimated that 30 million children remain out of school in Africa and in many areas, the girl child is still denied access to education. Since it is self-evident that education is the passport out of poverty and many other vices that plague women and children in Africa, AWLO’s flagship #1mother1child program is positioned to integrate the instinct, culture, and passion of motherhood into meeting the needs of these left out children. Under this program, women leaders under AWLO are guided and supported to adopt and nurture a mother-child relationship with 1girl or boy child per time outside their immediate families. Through mentorship, coaching, and material support, each mother shall be responsible to ensure that her child completes their education successfully. The program is both preventative and restorative in approach. While we work to bring back the affected children such as those in the Internally Displaced Persons’ camps (IDP’s) back to school, we also partner with local schools to prevent Indigent children from dropping out of school.

Honoring Motherhood
Today, it appears that the campaign for women rights shoves the significance of motherhood to the background. At AWLO, while we are fully engaged in the campaign for equal or greater rights for women, we believe that this critical leadership role must be honored and highly celebrated. Therefore, #1mother1child doubles as a campaign to honor and celebrate this most important leadership role that women play for the society. We want to draw attention to the sacrifice of women in this area, celebrate mothers and motherhood, while encouraging our mothers (every woman) in AWLO to extend the power and culture of motherhood to one boy or girl child at a time. At AWLO, we recognize motherhood as a great gift, a worthy honor, and a unique way to solving the problem of out of school children.

Specific Target
Through a process of identification and verification, AWLO shall ensure that the programs reaches to the needy as well as ensuring sustainability.

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There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children

Nelson Mandela – Former President of South Africa

The Process

Why We Care
For measurable results, we have developed a 6 step process both to help guide participants and to monitor the entire process end-to-end.
How to Participate
This program is open to all registered AWLO members who shall prove the ability to establish, nurture, support, and sustain a child through the program. You can either select a child from our list of at-risk children or you can bring a child into the program. To indicate an interest, click here to download “The Interest Form”.

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The Unveiling

The #1Mother1Child project was unveiled at the inauguration of the Akwa Ibom Chapter of the African Women in Leadership Organisation. Below are some of the pictures from the event.

Our Passion

We believe in a world where poverty and social vices do not hinder children from getting basic education.

Yes, You Can Make a Difference!

Some Hard Facts

With each child you take off the streets, you impact a Generation.


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